Relieve neck pain & ease muscle tension at your desk with this short Physio routine of guided upper shoulder and neck stretches with Michelle from

These neck and shoulder stretches form an ideal stretching routine for a quick work or study break at your desk. Hope you enjoy!

Neck Exercises Demonstrated in Video
1. Shoulder Rolls – to release tension in upper shoulder and neck muscles coordinated with breathing to release muscle tension
2. Ear to shoulder stretch – feel the stretch in the side of the neck and shoulder. This stretches the side of neck and upper shoulder away from the direction of head movement.
3. Nose towards thigh stretch – stretches the side and back of neck into the shoulder blade on the side of the neck away from the direction of head movement. This action stretches the upper trapezius and levator scapula muscles as well as opening the facet joints in the neck.
4. Head forward tilt stretch – taking nose forwards stretches back of neck and upper back muscles.
5. Neck rotation stretch – turning head and looking over shoulder stretches upper shoulder and side of neck muscles. The addition of over pressure can help increase neck rotation movement.
6. Arc of movement taking chin to chest from one shoulder to the other – stretches the neck and upper shoulder muscles and opens facet joints in the neck.

Always avoid overstretching and keep your breathing relaxed when stretching for maximum benefit. All neck pain stretches should feel comfortable during and after stretching. Cease any exercise that causes discomfort during or after stretching.
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